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You say you're the editor of Widget Monthly and your deadline is next week? And the freelancer you assigned the lead feature article to broke his fingers after typing his byline, leaving you with acres of empty pages to fill? And your top advertiser is asking about the article that your freelancer can't complete? And your publisher is making noises about the odds of replacing all the writers with robots? Is that what's troubling you, Bunky?

Well, give WordsWorks Editing a call. We can write about anything and get you enough excellent copy to fill the yawning void. Whether you need an article on the finer points of intake-valve lapping, a fast piece on the role of advanced catalytics in hydrocarbon cracking, or a quick write-up of the current state of diagnostics in pediatric bipolar disorder, we can get it for you.


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Rates vary depending on the size and nature of your assignment. Contact us for a quote. You can reach us at 802-681-3778,
or drop an email to WORDS at WordsWorksEditing dot com.

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